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SMICE NHI The Cat (S01 E054) ? LIL’ LAYLA’S (COF

September 4, 2012
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SMICE NHI The Cat (S01 E054) ? LIL' LAYLA'S (COFFEE) TABLE DANCE/\–?\ *A Funny Cat’s Daily Routine HD* (=’ :’) (,(“)(“) __Read more! ? Hi, I’m Smice Nhi the cat. I hope you enjoy my adventures. Encounter the world’s cutest animal on his everyday challenges. Maybe you recognize some similarities with your own cat. Let me know or just post a video response! So go ahead and enjoy the episode of Smice Nhi the cat… n_n Smice Nhi recommends watching on YouTube: simonscat, ray william johnson, shane dawson, meekakitty, nighiga, jenna marbles, kassemg, funny cat videos like nyan cat, dubstep cat etc. Follow Smice Nhi also on: YouTube: Google plus: Facebook: Twitter: Blog:

  1. LambieSinClair

    YAY !!? Layla videoooooo !!!

  2. SmiceNhiTV

    Hope you like the new? episode =)

  3. gigi101060

    ah we see Layla? again! BTW: you play guitar? among my videos there is one where my hubby plays the sound for one…. maybe you want to listen to him?

  4. SmiceNhiTV

    Yeah, lucky/ spoiled? XD

  5. SmiceNhiTV

    Cool! You mean the video? Spanish guitar music, isn’t it? Best wishes <3

  6. DrNworb

    It’s a lucky kitty that gets to be? on a table!

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