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Panther To Nikki – From The Heart

July 19, 2012
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Panther To Nikki - From The HeartHere’s Panther’s actual reaction to watching Nikki’s video love letter to him, did I interpret it correctly in Video Dating For Cats? Please listen very closely for his responses, they are very sweet, in his grouchy kind of way! Please see the playlist “Video Dating For Cats” on my channel for the whole sordid story.

  1. DrNworb

    Awww? thanks!

  2. hippyable

    u’s welcome my? dear!


    His little response? was sweet.

  4. DrNworb

    Thank you, we love his little growls and grumbles and squeaky? purrs.

  5. DrNworb

    LOL, yes, his stomach? does have a way of influencing his thoughts!

  6. hippyable

    aw Panthy!?

  7. DrNworb

    Awww thanks!?

  8. gigi101060

    (Nikki says to herself: I must not show him that I am very very jealous!)? psssssst!
    now Nikki loudly: thankyou my dear Panther! I purr back !

  9. gigi101060

    hmmmm…. my? sister? that makes me angry a little bit…. please purr only for ME!

  10. DrNworb

    Thank you very much, if you go to my channel there is a video called? “video dating for cats” featuring these same two kitties.

  11. cherubicnerd

    i saw it but i? like this one better.

  12. cherubicnerd

    aw,such a cute,funny video! “video dating? for cats”!

  13. DrNworb

    We can? only hope!

  14. celinne700

    I think Panther reaction can be interpreted this way: Ummmm, she’s pretty and kinda delicious don’t you think? Talking about delicious, did I see you pack a tin of kitty tuna salad in the pantry? That last tin of liver pate was delicioso. I was thinking of mixing a little chicken with the liver and adding some salmon sushi and beef tips on the side for flair.? By the way, I hope you aren’t going to have those two brats…er…I mean my two brothers pawing up and crunching down my goodies.

  15. callas5

    Panther and his? fine art of purring … Nikki will be blown away!

  16. DrNworb

    Ok ok, I’ll purr only for you and just text? your sister!

  17. MsRandomnotes1

    Such a handsome Panther, Nikki? really has to really work at it to get this guys full attention! Cuties all:)

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